Bringing the Text to Life

First Rock from the Son John 20:1-18

First Rock from the Son

What rock are you rolling as you stand before the tomb?

[Note: In preparation for this sermon, secure a bucket full of rocks from your local gravel company and distribute one to each person as they enter your worship area.]

This year, as last year, one of the hit television shows of the season has been the pseudo-sci-fi sitcom Third Rock from the Sun. In it, actor John Lithgow, as the leader of the alien expedition, assumes the human body and identity of Dick, the patriarch of the Solomon family and a professor of physics at an Ohio university.

The name of the show is derived from the planet Earth's third position from the sun. It is the "third rock from the sun."

Kids love watching this outrageous show in which aliens take on human form on this boring third rock from the sun to see what human life is all about.

Do not read this as an attempt to suggest a parallel between Jesus and John Lithgow! But I am struck that while Jesus visited this third rock from the sun, and took on human form and nature, it was Mary and Peter and John who, ...

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