Bringing the Text to Life

Ain't Got time to Bleed John 12:20-33

Ain't Got time to Bleed

Jesse Ventura is a savior to some, and a scoundrel to others - not unlike the labels that got slapped on a certain J-man in first-century Jerusalem.

"I'm all for gun control," opines Jesse Ventura, the big, beefy feather-boa-wearing ex-pro wrestler who now serves as governor of Minnesota. "I just define it a little differently. If you can put two rounds into the same hole from 25 meters, that's gun control!"

The man is rough, tough and ready to rumble, but according to his recent autobiography, he "ain't got time to bleed." He's too busy building the Reform Party from the bottom up, trying to make it a government-changing grassroots organization that is truly BY the people and FOR the people. And truth be told, there is a more thoughtful side to the tough-talking head of state: On the topic of gun control, he reminds his supporters that when the Constitution gave us the right to bear arms, "it also made us responsible for using them properly."

"I ain't got time to bleed." The book takes its title from the best-remembered line in Ventura's film debut, an action-horror flick called Predator. It's a phrase that efficiently...

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