Bringing the Text to Life

Rolling Stones or Stone-Rollers Mark 16:1-8

How do we help people out of their tombs? The resurrection calls us forth to roll away the stones that crush people''s lives. In a world filled with rolling stones, there is a desperate need for stone rollers.

Howard Thurman served as Dean of the Chapel at Boston University until his retirement. In one of his books, he tells of a crisis that took place in his young daughter's life.

Everybody in the family had made their summer plans. But just before Thurman and his wife were ready to leave for speaking engagements, they received word that a companion who lived with their aged grandmother in another town had died. Someone would have to go and be with grandmother during the summer.

The family met and talked it over. Thurman's commitments could not be postponed. It was decided the daughters would take their turns and care for the grandmother until the parents returned from their conferences.

When this decision was reached, the youngest daughter rushed from the table and ran up the stairs, weeping. The door slammed. Thurman followed her up the stairs, knocked at the door and found her stretched across the bed, weeping. He spoke these words to her:

I didn't come up here to urge you to...

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