Bringing the Text to Life

Just Say Know Philippians 3:4b-14

We are living in a world of informational overload and relational anorexia. The call of the church must be to "know Christ" and to "make Christ known." Thus, "Just Say Know" may be a better addiction strategy than "Just Say No."

Is there anyone here immune to the "Great American Dream"? The American "pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps" Dream lures us into believing that if we somehow just knew more, we could get ahead and get the jump on the next guy.

You say you are immune to the Dream's magic spell? Consider for a moment what you might have done 10 years ago if you knew what you know today:

- Invested in a little company called NutraSweet
- Taken Russian and Chinese instead of French and Latin
- Gotten married -- or not gotten married
- Enrolled in college and really hit the books
- Dropped out of college and hit the road
- Gone to more baseball games with your dad/son
- Voted

All these "might have dones" don't count for anything today. But contrary to the promise of the Dream, in many ways it's not WHAT you know, but WHEN you know it! And most important, it's WHO you know.

One of the biggest pitfalls lurking behind the American Dream is that for so many people, the real value of knowledge is judged...

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